Link List

Link List: from memory aspect

Ankur Kulhari

The idea of link list can be understood better with the following example: Suppose Initially there is no data in the memory (RAM): Now in our program we have written following statement: Considering, our compiler takes 2 Bytes to store an integer value, after allocating memory to this data variable, memory may look like: In fig. 2, 2 bytes means …


Array: memory aspect

Ankur Kulhari

An array can be defined as finite collection of homogeneous data, stored in contiguous memory locations. Where, finite: means the number of elements to be stored in array has to be predefined finite number. homogeneous: all the elements of the array should be of same type (i.e. int, char, float etc.). contiguous: all the elements of the array should be …

Binary Tree

Ankur Kulhari

Binary tree is a rooted tree with following constraints: Every node can have at most two children. (zero, one and two) The two children of each node are called the left child and right child corresponding to their positions. A node can have only a left child or only a right child or it can have no children at all. …

Rooted Tree

Ankur Kulhari

A rooted tree is a tree with a node named as root of the tree. A tree which does not has root node, is sometimes called a free tree/unrooted tree (A tree which does not have a root node). Although the term “tree” generally refers to a free tree. Terminologies used: Root: Node at the top of the tree. Parent: …


Ankur Kulhari

Tree: is an undirected graph with properties: is to be connected graph – there should exist a path between any two nodes/vertices no cycles – there should not exist a path in which starting and ending nodes are same a simple cycle is formed if any edge is added it – an edge is the connecting link between two nodes. …

Quick Sorting – A complete analysis with c/c++ and JAVA

Ankur Kulhari

Quick Sorting is a Divide and Conquer sorting method. Before going ahead, let’s take an example to understand the divide and conquer method. Quick Sorting with a real life example There are 10 balls, all with different weight. Arrange them in ascending order of their weight. Approach: Step 1: Arrange all the balls in a line. Step 2: Take out …

Cloudflare WordPress HTTPS Tutorial

Suyash Bansal

Nowadays, HTTPS has become a basic requirement for security purposes. Users want their browsing data to be protected and Website Admins want their users to trust them with respect to their data security. The best way to ensure this is to make use of encryption on the website. Whenever there is a request from a user to access the page, the page …

Print Environment Variables

Print environment variables – C Program

Ankur Kulhari

In this article, we will discuss about a C program to print environment variables. Environment variables are a set of dynamic named values that can affect the way running processes will behave on a computer. In the main function, The third argument envp gives the program’s environment. env is available as an argument to main function, as envp – an array …

Kendriya Vidhyalaya Sangathan (KVS) PGT, TGT and Primary Teacher Recruitment 2016 Studymaterial

Ankur Kulhari

Download Study material for KVS PGT for computer Science: Support material Class XI IP (Information Practices) Support material Class XI CS (Computer Science) Support material Class XII IP (Information Practices) Support material Class XII CS (Computer Science) You can download detailed syllabus from here You can download Admit card for KVS PGT TGT exam 2016 from here