Useful Resources to Explore Data Mining as Research Area

Raju Pal

Data mining is the process of information retrieval from large amount of data sets. It became one for the most demanding research areas now a days due to revolution of social networking and generation of high quality data day by day. In this post, we will try to collect useful resources required to explore this domain. We provide the publicly available material to study the data mining course and also provide some tools, tutorials and data sets links for data mining.

Data Mining Softwares
  1. WEKA (JAVA)
  2. MLC++ (C++)
  4. KEEL
  5. Softwares suggested by KDnuggets
  6. Resources suggested by Infogoal
  7. Data Mining using MATLAB
  8. Data Mining using R tool
  9. Statistica Data Miner
  10. Data Mining using Python
Data Sets
  1. UCI Machine learning repository
  2. The university of edinburgh
  3. KEEL datasets
  4. Intrusion Detection Systems Dataset
  5. Competition dataset
  6. KDnuggets dataset
  7. Kaggle datasets
  8. Linked data
  9. AWS public datasets
  10. Market Data
Online Courses and resources available
  1. Data Mining by Prof Ryan Tibshirani
  2. Introduction to data mining by Dr. Kurt thearling
  3. Principles of Knowledge discovery in databases
  4. Selected topics in data mining
  5. Applied Data Mining and Statistical Learning
  6. Advanced Data Mining
  7. Data Mining by MIT
  8. Data Mining by Jia Li
  9. Data Mining by Dr. Eick
  10. Data Mining by Srihari

Please add more useful resources (if anyone know) related to data mining in the comment section and share this post among your friends so that everyone got benefited.

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