Ankur Kulhari

Write a program to find the pairs of letters in a word (provided by user) each of which has as many letters between them in the word as there are between them in the alphabet. Ex: Word: StudyKorner pairs: St, Su, tu, to


Raju Pal

Write a program to toggle every character of a given string. For example Input:   Hello, ThiS is for YOUr heLP. Output: hELLO, tHIs IS FOR youR HElp.


Ankur Kulhari

Write a program to sort characters of each word of a user provided sentence. Sentence can be of variable length and may contain any number of words. Ex: Hello, how are you? eHllo, how aer ouy? Note: sentence breaking symbols, like: , . ? etc should remain at their original position. Hint: Break the problem into small tasks as: 1st …