Increment and decrement operators in C

Raju Pal

Increment and decrement operators are unary operator i.e. these operators requires on one operands to perform its operations. The detail demonstration would be provided following videos.    

How to debug a C program in code blocks ?

Raju Pal

Code blocks is a popular IDE to compile and run programs developed in various languages. It has also been used for C and C++ languages. We generally develop console based application in these languages. Debugging is a process of finding and fixing some error and bugs in a given program. We can also use debugging tool to analyze our code …

Inline functions

Raju Pal

Inline function are used to reduced the calling overhead introduced by functions in C++. A function is either declared, defined or called. When the function was called, the control jump to memory address contained in function name. Yes, function names contains the addresses similar to variable name. More function calling in the program increases the overhead which results in poor …

What is the computer language?

Avinash Pandey

A programming language is a formal computer language or constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer. Over the years computer languages have evolved from machine language to natural languages.   The only language which is understood by computer hardware is machine language (consisting of binary or hexadecimal instructions). Symbolic language uses symbols, or mnemonics, to …

What is placement new operator in C++ ?

Raju Pal

Placement new operator is used to allocate a memory which is already acquired by some object. This operator generally¬†used when we require any object to be re-constructed multiple times. Without placement new operator it will be allocated to different memory location while reconstructed. Hence we use placement new to utilize the memory which is allocated to it earlier. A simple …