Object Oriented System and Programming

Raju Pal

List of Topics:

  1. Basic OOPS concepts, Introduction to Java, Input, output, arrays, strings, String Buffer, constructors, overloading, Static member functions , Wrapper Classes. 
  2. Inheritance, Polymorphism, type casting, abstract classes, Packages and Interfaces.
  3. Introduction to RDBMS, Functional dependencies, Normalization , 1,2,3NF and BCNF, Minimal cover(refer Video lectures on DBMS )
  4. Structured Query Languages, create table, insert and select, Create Data, Insert Data, Update Data, Delete Data, Nested queries and join in SQL 
  5. JDBC  (refer JDBC connectivity with swings in JAVA      and    Java Swings)


Kindly refer the following slide for JDBC connectivity. (prepared by Mr. Shivam, Mr.Vaibhav and Mr. Shubham)


Link for direct download



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