Install .whl packages for Python

Ankur Kulhari

Now mostly packages are launched in .whl form. Whl packages can be installed easily with pip command.
To install whl packages, you first need to download .whl package file from python website. Once you have the package on your system you can install that easily following below steps:

  1. Open command prompt (cmd) [start–> cmd]
  2. Change your current working directory to the directory where .whl file is available. [use cd command to change the directory and C: (to change the drive partition, here C for C drive).
    Once you changed the directory, fire dir command to verify that your package’s .whl file is avaialable here – check that packages name is listed.
  3. Now fire the command pip install <packages name with .whl>
Install .whl packages for python in windows

Fig: Install .whl packages for python in windows

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