Accenture Interview Questions-I

Ankur Kulhari

  1. What is Dynamic Memory Allocation, example?
  2. How C/C++ and Java are different to each other?
  3. C program of Bubble Sort.
  4. Program of sum of a series.
  5. What is Object Oriented Programming?
  6. What is encapsulation?
  7. What is Inheritance?
  8. What is polymorphism?
  9. What is abstraction?
  10. What is Runtime Polymorhism?
  11. What is BCNF in RDBMS?
  12. What are inner and outer joins? Explain with examples.
  13. What is primary key?
  14. What is super key
  15. What is difference between primary key and unique?
  16. What are layers of OSI reference model?
  17. Why does OSI model is called as reference model?
  18. Which model came first, TCP/IP networking model or OSI reference model?
  19. Why Accenture?
  20. Are you ready to work in night shifts?
  21. Tell me about your final year project?
  22. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?
  23. Do you know any other language than C, C++ and Java?
  24. What JEE-Mains/Advanced rank you secured?
  25. Why there is one year gap after 12th?
  26. Some questions about family members, etc

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